Frequently Asked Questions

Can you accommodate clients outside of Texas?

Yes. We currently have clients located across the United States. We provide the same efficient, professional service, no matter where in the U.S. your organization is located.

What credentialing guidelines are used?

We will follow the guidelines that meet your needs, whether that means guidelines approved by NCQA, DNV, URAC, TJC, AAAHC, other major standards, or your own customized package.

What is your average turn-around time to credential a provider?

On an average, initial files are processed and returned to the client electronically in less than 45 days, allowing providers to start work in a timely manner. Recredentialing files are typically processed and returned to the client electronically within 30 days, requiring just a fraction of the 180-day period allotted for recredentialing.

Can you accommodate RUSH or STAT files?

Of course! We will work with you to meet your deadlines and will keep you informed of progress along the way. Additional fees for expedited files will apply, but these will be agreed upon by the client before we begin work. Our definition of a rush file is 10 business days, and our definition of a STAT file is three business days.

Does CCS offer file maintenance and reporting?

Yes, we have staff dedicated to license, DEA, DPS and medical malpractice expirations. Monthly reports are distributed electronically to clients with outstanding licensure and insurance.

How are files transmitted to and from the client?

CCS provides a secured website for the client to transmit files for processing. Once files are completed, we’ll advise the client that their files have been placed on the website for their review.

How do we begin working with you, and how long does it take to get started?

Request a quote by submitting a form or by calling or emailing us. After the contract is signed, clients may begin sending files immediately, either electronically or by mail.

What do you do when information is missing from the application packet?

CCS contacts the client or provider to notify them of the missing information and works diligently to collect anything that’s needed. Usually, missing information issues are resolved quickly.